X-ray Push button Switch Omron Microswitch Type HS-04

Model: HS-04
Type: Two stepping
Construction and material: With Omron micro switch, PU coil cord cover and copper wires
Wires and coil cord: 3cores or 4 cores, 2.2m or 5m
Mechanical life: 50.0 million times
Electrical life: 300 thousand times
Certification: CE, ROHS
Connector: can fixed to RJ45 connector,air plug, DB9 connector

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Model: HS-04 Type: Two stepping Construction and material: With Omron micro switch, PU coil cord cover and copper wires Brand: Sailray Cable can be customized Got CE ROHS approval


X-ray machine push button switch is an electric control parts, can be used for controlling the on-off of electrical signal, dental x-ray unit, photographic equipment and medical diagnostic X-ray photography exposure. X-ray push button switch, used OMRON micro switch as component contacts, is a hand-held switch which has two stepping switches and with fixed trestle. This type of x-ray exposure hand switch can be 3 cores and 4 cores. The coil cord length can be 2.2m and 5m after fully stretched. Its electrical life can reach to 300 thousand times while its mechanical life can reach to 5.0millioin times. X-ray exposure Hand switch is comply with the national safety standards: GB15092.1-2003 "the first part of the medical electrical equipments: general requirements for safety" related provisions. Get CE, CQC, ROHS approval.


Applicable to x-ray exposure of radiography or fluoroscopy equipment.
X ray hand exposure hand switch is mainly used on portable x ray, mobile x ray,
stationary x ray, analog x ray, digital x ray, radiography x ray etc x ray equipment.
it is also applicable to beauty laser device, healthy recovery device etc field.

Performance Parameters( 3 cores and 4 cores)

Working Voltage(AC/DC) Working Current(AC/DC) Shell Material


Red Green White
125V/30V 1A/2A White, ABS engineering plastics Ⅰstage Concentric line Ⅱstage

Type and Useful time

Cores:three cores, four cores Type:two step Useful time(Mechanical life): 5.0 million times Useful time(Electrical life): 300 thousand times

Transportation and Storage Conditions

Working Voltage Working Current

Shell Material

White + Red green +   Black
125V 1A White,   engineering plastics  Ⅰstage  Ⅱstage
Environment Temperature Relative Humidity Atmospheric Pressure
(-20~70)℃ ≤93% (50~106) KPa

Operation Method: 

When pressing the button, it is connected while loosing it is cut. Press the button to the first stage, the first grade is connected. This is for x-ray preparation. Then do not loose your thumb, and press the button to the bottom, the second grade is connected while the first grade remains connected. This is for x-ray operation.

Competitive Advantage

Especial configuration Better performance with Omron micro switch Better elasticity of coil cord with PU cover and pure copper wire Longer Mechanical life and Electrical life CE, CQC, ROHS approval.

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