Medical X-ray Collimator Manual X-ray Collimator SR102

Features Suitable for common X-ray diagnostic equipment with a tube voltage of 150kV  The X-ray irradiation field is rectangular This product complies with relevant national and industry standards Small size High reliability and high cost performance Using a single layer and two sets of lead leaves and a special internal protective structure to shield X-rays The adjustment of the irradiation field is manual, and the irradiation field is continuously adjustable The visible light field adopts high-brightness LED bulbs, which have a long service life The internal delay circuit can automatically turn off the light bulb after 30 seconds of light, and can manually turn off the light bulb during the light period to prolong the life of the light bulb and save energy The mechanical connection between this product and the X-ray tube is convenient and reliable, and the adjustment is easy

Products Details

Main technical parameters and indicators

X-ray leakage: <1mGy/h (150kV, 4mA) The distance from the focus of the X-ray tube to the beam limiter mounting surface: 60mm (can be adjusted according to different tubes) Light field consistency: <2%@SID Inherent filtration: 1mmAl/75kV Optional: External additional filter Special electrical interface Special tube ball interface


This x-ray collimator is suitable for common X-ray diagnostic equipment with a tube voltage of 150kV, DR.

Technical parameters

Max Voltage


Maximum X-ray field  coverage  range

440mmx440mm (SID=100cm)

The average brightness of the light field

>160 lux

Edge contrast ratio


Power supply requirement of projection lamp


Bright  X-ray  field  duration  for  Once


Distance from Focal Spot of X-ray tube to the mount plane of collimator  SID  (mm)(optional)


Filtration(Inherent) 75kV



The outer optional

Control  method


Drive motor


Motor Control


Position detection


Input power


(SID)Measuring tape

Standard Configuration

Center laser instructions







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