X-ray shielding Lead glass 36 ZF2

Model NO.:ZF2 Lead Equivalency: 0.22mmpb Max Size: 2.4*1.2m The Density: 4.12gm/Cm Thickness: 8-150mm Certification: CE Application: Medical X Ray Radiation Protective Lead Glass Material: Lead Glass Transparency: more than 85% Export Markets: Global

Products Details

Product Introduction

Key benefits ·Shields against X-Ray from equipment operating in the 80 to 300kV range ·High Barium and lead content providing optimum protection with excellent visual clarity ·Supplied as polished plates, cut accoring to customer requirements up to 2400X 1200 mm, allowing architects to design viewing windows with a wider field of vision. ·Also available in sizes cut specifically to customer requirements (with cut edges ground or polished and finished with safety chamfers. ·Extensive stocks held in all plates sizes and thicknesses at distribution points worldwide, for immediately cut and dispatchment.

General information

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Sailray
Certification: CE
Model Number: ZF2


X-Ray Shielding Lead glass can be integrated into all room shielding systems, to offer protection again x-rays and gamma, safely allowing the operator to view their patient in a protective environment, including:   X-ray rooms CT Scanning rooms Medical diagnostic rooms Laboratories Radiation protection doors Nuclear doors Medical performance doors Surgery rooms Radiation stations


Type Density Lead equivalent light transmittance PBo%
ZF2 4.12 0.22mmpb >85%

Size can be

1.2400X 1200 X 18~20mm 2.2000X 1200 X 18~20mm 3.2000X1000 X 18~20mm 4.2000X1000 X 15mm 5.1600X1200 X18~20mm 6.1500X 900 X 18~20mm 7.1500X 900 X 15mm 8.1200X 900 X 18~20mm 9.1200X800 X 18~20mm 10.1200X800 X 15mm 11.1200X800 X 10mm 12.1200X 600 X 10mm  13.1000X 800 X 20mm  14.1000X 800 X 15mm 15.1000X 800 X 10mm 16.900 X600 X 15mm 17.900 X600 X 10mm 18.800 X600 X 15mm  19.800 X600 X 10mm 20..750 X750 X 10mm  21.14' X 14'X 10mm  22. 8' X10'X 8mmOther specifications can be customizable according to different requirements.

Competitive Advantage

High protection against gamma and x-rays. High transparency. Welcome customer's demands  High quality, competitive price, excellent service

Commercial Item

Minimum Order Quantity: 1PC
Packaging Details: WOODEN BOX
Payment Terms: T/T  WESTERN UNION
Supply Ability: 200pcs/month

technical parameters

Serial Number ZF3 ZF6 ZF7 K509
The product structure QuartzSand 34.15% QuartzSand 31% QuartzSand 26% QuartzSand 65%
PbO 61% PbO 65% PbO 70% H3BO3 12%
K2O 2.5% K2O 2.7% K2O 2.8% K2O 10%
Sb2O30.15% Sb2O30.25% Sb2O3 0.33% Na2O 10%
As2O5 0.20% As2O50.45% As2O5 0.68% CeO2 1.5%
BaO 1.2%
The Rest 0.3%
Density 4.4g/cm3 4.78g/cm3 5.2g/cm3 2.52g/cm3
Refractive Index 1.7174 1.7552 1.8062 1.5163
Light Transmittance 86% 86% 89% 86%
Lead Equivalent Lead Glass Thickness unit: 10mm 0.35 Gamma-Ray、Neutron(National Standards);0.21 X-Ray(NationalStandards) 0.41 Gamma-Ray、Neutron(National Standards);0.27 X-Ray(NationalStandards) 0.43 Gamma-Ray、Neutron(National Standards);0.29 X-Ray(NationalStandards)


·Viewing windows for X-Ray.Angiography Rooms,CT scans ·Screen for medical diagnostics ·Protection windows in laboratories. ·Airport security X-ray screens ·Lenses for safety goggles
Nuclear industry lead glass.The glass is mainly used in nuclear power plants, Nuclear Research Institute laboratory. Can be customized according to customer drawings product.Lead glass special processing: According to customer demand, lead glass shape machining,driling and explosion.


X-Ray Shielding Lead glass, model ZF2 ,are mainly used in X-ray room, x-ray operation room and CT room of hospital compartment to shield x-ray, whose density is 4.12gm/Cm, lead equivalent is 0.22mmpb and light transmittance rate is more than 85%. Our quality standard specifies that "no visible bubbles, inclusions, scratch or sleeks, or vein are allowed by observation at one meter distance".  
Medical protective glass thicknes 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 18mm 20mm
@100KV(mmPb) 1.6 2.2 2.5 3.2 3.8 4.3
@150KV(mmPb 1.5 2 2.4 3 3.6 4

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