Medical X-ray Collimator Manual X-ray Collimator SR103

Features Suitable for mobile or portable X-ray diagnostic equipment with a tube voltage of 120kV  The X-ray irradiation field is rectangular Conform to relevant national and industry standards Small size High reliability and high cost performance Using a single layer and two sets of lead leaves and a special internal protective structure to shield X-rays The adjustment of the irradiation field is manual, and the irradiation field is continuously adjustable The visible light field adopts high-brightness LED bulbs Convenient and reliable mechanical connection with X-ray tube, easy to adjust

Products Details

Product Feature

1. Two layers of protection. 2. Traditional knob operation. 3. Interruptible delay lamp. 4. LED lamp. 5. Mixer can choose laser locator.


This x-ray collimator is applicable for  mobile or portable X-ray diagnostic equipment with a tube voltage of 120kV.

Technical parameters

  X-ray leakage: <1mGy/h (120kV, 4mA)  Distance from X-ray tube ball focus to beam limiter mounting surface: 45mm Maximum irradiation field: 43cmX43cm (SID=100cm) Minimum irradiation field: <5cmX5cm (SID=100cm) LED light field power supply 24VAC/20W or 24VDC/2A  Visible light field brightness: >140lux (SID=100cm) Light field consistency: <2%@SID Inherent filtration: 1mmAl/75kV  Dimensions: 170mm×152mm×100mm (length×width×height) Weight: 2.6 Optional: Special electrical interface Special tube ball interface One word line laser locator (type 2)

Overall Outline Drawing

Quality assurance

1. The warranty period of the factory is 12 months (excluding the bulb) from the date
the customer receives the collimator.
2. Quality problems do not include malfunctions caused by installation, handling, etc.
3. During the warranty period, if the application is not made in writing and approved
by our factory, the machine may not be disassembled, otherwise the consequences
will be borne by itself and no warranty will be given.

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