X-ray Push button Switch Mechanical Type HS-01

Model: HS-01 Type: Two stepping Construction and material: With mechanical component, PU coil cord cover and copper wires Wires and coil cord: 3cores or 4cores, 3m or 5m or customized length Cable: 24AWG cable or 26 AWG cable Mechanical life: 1.0 million times Electrical life: 400 thousand times Certification: CE, RoHS

Products Details

Competitive Advantage

Stable Mechanical life and Electrical life
Better resilience with PU coil cord
CE, ROHS approval.
In line with the user's usual preferences


X-ray machine Hand switch is an electric control parts, can be used for controlling the on-off of electrical signal, photographic equipment and medical diagnostic X-ray photography exposure. X-ray exposure Hand switch, used mechanical switch as component contacts, is a hand-held switch which has two stepping switches and with fixed trestle. This type of x-ray exposure hand switch can be 3 cores and 4 cores. The coil cord length can be 2.7m and 4.5m after fully stretched. Its electrical life can reach to 400 thousand times while its mechanical life can reach to 1.0millioin times. X-ray exposure Hand switch is comply with the national safety standards: GB15092.1-2003 "the first part of the medical electrical equipments: general requirements for safety" related provisions. Get CE, ROHS approval.

Performance Parameters( 3 cores and 4 cores)

Working Voltage(AC/DC) Working Current(AC/DC) Shell Material Cores
White Red Green
125V/30V 1A/2A White, ABS engineering plastics Ⅰstage Concentric line Ⅱstage


X ray hand exposure hand switch is mainly used on portable x ray, mobile x ray, stationary x ray,analog x ray,digital x ray,radiography x ray etc x ray equipment. it is also applicable to beauty laser device,healthy recovery device etc field. 
Working Voltage Working Current Shell Material Cores
Green + Red White +   Black
125V/30V 1A/2A White,   engineering plastics  Ⅰstage  Ⅱstage
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