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The Common Failure Analysis Of The X Ray Tube

Hangzhou Sailray Imp & Exp Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Fault one: failure of rotary anode rotor
(1) phenomenon
The circuit is normal, but the rotational speed decreases obviously; the static rotation time is short; the anode does not rotate when exposed; and (2) the tube current increases sharply when exposed, and the power fuse fuses are fused; and the anode target surface is fused at some point.
(2) analysis
After a long period of work, the wear and deformation of the bearing and the change of the clearance will lead to the change of the molecular structure of the solid lubricant.

 two : damage to anode surface of X ray tube
(1) phenomenon
 X-ray output decreased significantly, X-ray film sensitivity was insufficient; (2) because the anode metal was evaporated at high temperature, a thin metal layer could be seen on the glass wall; (3) through the magnifying glass, cracks and corrosion on the target surface could be seen; (4) the metal tungsten splashed when the focus was severely melted may cause X-ray tube bursting damage. Bad.
(2) analysis
overload. There are two possibilities: one is that the overload protection circuit fails to make one exposure overload; the other is that multiple exposures cause cumulative overload and melt and evaporate; and the other is that the rotator of the rotary anode X-ray tube is stuck or the starting protection circuit fails to expose when the anode does not rotate or the rotating speed is too low, resulting in the anode target instantaneous. Melt evaporation; third, poor heat dissipation. For example, the contact between the loose body and the anode copper body is not tight enough or the grease stain is excessive.

three: X ray tube filament opens.
(1) phenomenon
There is no X-ray when exposed and no indication from the milliampere meter; the filament is not bright when viewed through the X-ray tube window; and the filament resistance is infinite when measured.
(2) analysis
X-ray tube filament voltage is too high, burning filament; X-ray tube vacuum is destroyed, a large number of air intake makes the filament quickly oxidized and burned.